"A Woman Resurrected" written by CeCe Cervantes -- Kidnapped, abused, and tortured for years; this is the incredible true story of one woman’s faith and her will to survive.

An unflinching first person account of the harrowing true story of captivity, survival and amazing police rescue. CeCe takes the reader from her near death at birth, through the neglect and torment of her family, to an abusive marriage and then her four years being held hostage chained up in a garage by a sadist, to her ultimate day of escape and the almost two year physical and psychological hospital recovery. Her unwavering vow to see her four daughters one more time and her strength, faith and unyielding belief in the mighty power of Jesus Christ is what kept her alive. "A Woman Resurrected" is a haunting roller coaster of emotions that will transform and inspire the lives of others.

The book is dedicated to Jesus, for without him--I would not have survived to be the woman I am today.

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What people are saying about "A WOMAN RESURRECTED"

"I read this book in one sitting. Ms. Cervantes' journey is riveting. That she survived to tell the story proves that through the darkest valleys, there remains One faithful who will always give us hope if we call on His name."

Nancy Toback- Writer/Editor

"Without question, "A Woman Resurrected", as told by the person who lived, and survived it, will give you renewed hope and increase your faith in the God who brought CeCe Cervantes Back From the Grave."

Dwight D. Pledger- Author/ Speaker / Coach