Dedication to my Jesus

This is my dedication to my Jesus Christ, my great deliverer and strong defender. The Son of God, the Holy One. 

In those terrible moments of my life, You kept yourself by my side, always protecting me in the dark. I was lost in so much confusion and pain. It was like a road that had no end. I couldn’t see how high-up and powerful You really are. The love You gave me led me to the truth. I cannot count the many ways You shined Your light in the dark till it was gone. 

Lord, You are my strength, You are all I will ever need. Now I know the time has come for me to tell my true story, which I have dedicated to You: Jesus my Savior. My Lord forever! I will always bless Your holy name, I promise You. You have worked Your miracles throughout this entire book, not letting anything stop it from being finished and published.

You, my Jesus, continue to do miracles in my life. I love You with all my heart and soul, as I am your daughter. From the day You saved my life, I was re-born as the daughter of God, Your daughter! Everything I do for You, my Jesus, will never be enough, because You have done so much for me since the very first day You gave me life and I was able to breathe! I will continually bless and glorify Your name. I thank You that You have chosen me, my Jesus, to bless Your name and save people’s lives with my true story. I will go all the way to preach the truth and turn the sons and daughters you have lost back to You. I will rise with Your light as a daughter of Yours and tell my story and pray them back to Your kingdom.

Lord, by Your power, destroy all the evil that has turned many from You. Amen.