Chapter 12

God's Daughter

On the ride to the clinic, I delighted in the fresh air and sunshine, 

after so many years of living in darkness. I couldn’t help admiring all the 

beautiful flowers, trees, buildings, houses, cars, and everything all over 

again. My eyes were still very sensitive to the light, so I wasn’t able to 

look out as long as I would’ve liked, but I took a last glance up to the sky. 

“Thank you, God, for this miracle. You will let me know when the 

right time comes to tell my story. At that time, I will do your will and 

bless your holy name.”

I then sat back and close my eyes to rest.

In the days that followed, I regained my strength a little bit at a time. 

I had to relearn how to do so many basic things in new ways—things as 

simple as walking and lying on a bed without hurting my back. 

All this time, I wanted so badly to see my girls again. But I didn’t 

want them to be frightened by my physical condition. I prayed every 

single day to get better so I could see them soon. 

The doctors and nurses had told me that my recovery might take as 

much as two years, but it gave me hope to know that I eventually would 

recover. Every day was bright for me. Even when there was no sun, I 

would imagine it and put it in my heart. 

One morning in November, 2006, a few days before Thanksgiving 

Day, Rose came to see me with some news. 

“Mrs. Cervantes, I see you’re looking healthy and beautiful!” 

“Do you really think so? I haven’t wanted to look in a mirror all 

this time."

“Oh, no! You’re very pretty. And your girls are going to confirm 

that, because what I’m here to tell you is that I’ve spoken to them and 

the court, and I’ve gotten visitation rights for you!” 

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and immediately broke into 


After a moment, Rose continued, “I’ve met with your girls many 

times, Mrs. Cervantes, and given them a general idea of what you’ve 

been going through. I left out the gruesome details, of course. 

All of them have told me how much they love you and miss you.

All this time, they thought you didn’t want to see them anymore, because that’s the 

story their father gave them. But I’ve told them that if they want to live 

with you, they’re old enough now to decide that for themselves. Even 

though the youngest one is not quite old enough to make that decision, 

the court is not likely to separate the girls.” 


“Yes, Mrs. Cervantes. All I need is for your girls to talk to the mediator 

about their needs, and we can change the custody arrangements.” 

I felt so much happiness and hope.

After she left, I was so happy that I couldn’t stop crying.

I’m going to see my girls, and maybe they’ll want to live with me! 

I prayed day and night to Jesus Christ for me and my girls.